AJACCTS Tutorial Video:

Web Interface

The web user interface is easy to use from any browser, with free training provided. If you don’t want to input your own records, we can do it for you at an additional small charge.


The AJACCTS service is provided via a secure web site that uses the same security as internet banking and PayPal. This means you can be sure that your data is safe and private. It also means you can access your data from anywhere, even using mobile phone or IPad.


AJACCTS comes with a set of standard accounts that fits most businesses. AJACCTS automatically prepares a formal set of accounts, emails you a copy for approval and then submits them to Companies House and HMRC on your behalf. All you need to do is check them over and email us the approval to file.


For VAT registered companies AJACCTS can file your quarterly VAT returns. AJACCTS handles different VAT schemes including the Margin scheme for second hand goods as used in the car industry


HMRC now requires all employee payments to be reported in real-time on or before the date of payment. This even applies to single owner limited companies. AJACCTS provides a simple payroll system to manage wages, salaries, NI and PAYE tax. The CIS scheme is also supported

Assets & Stock

AJACCTS provides a register of all your business assets, and calculates depreciation and capital allowances for these assets. There is a stock management system so that you can see stock levels and stock pricing.

Customer & Suppliers

AJACCTS manages your customers and suppliers so you have contacts details for them and can see who bought what/when. Even more important - you can see who still owes you money!!

Business reports

AJACCTS provides up-to-date reports on all your accounts so you can see where your business is day by day. Financial data is updated immediately after every invoice/expense that is input. Graphs show you key financial data for the year to date

Additional Applications

AJACCTS software is designed to support new applications, that can be built for specific businesses. For example, we have a mini e-Till app for rapid entry of product sales that is used in businesses such as hairdressers.